Find your ultimate spa


Aqua Master carries a wide range of spas for relaxing at home. Reenergize yourself, clear your mind and enjoy a well-deserved break in your Aqua Master spa, no matter what time of year.

We have many different series of spas including a range of residential spas available in different shapes and colours and perfect for unwinding. Featuring jets, fountains and LED lighting, they have a calming effect and will leave you feeling relaxed.

Our Sport Series provides a unique experience. Equipped with a rowing exerciser, a water purifier, a built-in sound system ( on 3 out of 4 models) and more, these spas let you work out in utter carefree comfort. Those quality training spas are sure to please!

Learn more about our spas and find your ultimate spa! Feel free to contact our team for more information.


  • Note that the availability of models differs from one retailer to another

  • Pictures for indicative purposes...Colors and design selection for the cabinets may vary from one series to another; please consult your Aquamaster dealer for more details.

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