Pool and spa Winterizing

Winterizing your pool or spa can be a complex endeavour. We strongly recommend you entrust this task to one of our Masters in order to avoid mistakes that may void your warranty.

Winterizing tasks :


  • Lower the water level
  • Remove the diving board, ladder lights.
  • Drain the pump, filter, purifier or chlorinator.
  • Drain and winterize the water heater.
  • Drain and blow out the water from all pipes.
  • Install wintering plugs and winterize skimmer.
  • Winter chemical treatment.
  • Install the winter cover and net.
  • Drain the solar system.


  • Drain the spa.
  • Remove all jets.
  • Drain and blow out the water from all pipes.
  • Dry shell.
  • Cover the acrylic spa with plywood and winter cover.
  • Cover the nature spa with three sheets of plywood and a winter cover.
  • Return small accessories to customer.

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